First SourceOP Release
Date: Sunday, August 21 @ 20:00:21 EDT
Topic: Half-Life 2

Here it is, the first release of SourceOP. While it is a beta version, it has been tested on the official server and privately for weeks prior to the release. I'm comfortable that it will run stable and mostly bug free. Please post any bugs you find on the forums (crashes, minor bugs, typos, anything). You can download it by going to the download section, or by clicking here. After installing it is recommended that you use the admin tutorial to set yourself up as full admin. The tutorial is only available on the first map SourceOP is started on and is only available once. The admin tutorial is helpful and prevents having to edit the DF_admins file if all you want to do is to set yourself up as admin. Click here for help on installing.
Click here for help on using and setting up the SourceOP Administration Control Panel (Remote).
Click here for a commands list.
Click here for help on uninstalling. Not including some of what you can see on the commands list, a list of features is as follows:
  • Basic admin commands
  • Credits and buying
  • Credits are retained through map changes and server restarts
  • Players have ranks based on credits
  • Players can query prices by saying "!buy stats"
  • Players and admins can get help in-game by saying "!help"
  • Players can view the length of time spent playing on the server
  • Basic entity manipulation
    • Moving
    • Copying
    • Spawning
    • Constraining
    • Freezing
  • Basic grappling hook
  • Map voting
  • New admin tutorial
  • Ability to remotely connect using the Administration Control Panel
  • Ability to increase maxplayers to as many as 128 players
Some features already planned to come in future versions (no guarantees):
  • Improved grappling hook
  • Saving/loading entities
  • More votes (vote for kick, hook, gravity, etc...)
  • GUI voting
  • GUI menu
  • AI manipulation
  • MP3 capable radio
  • Editing of both remote and game admins from the remote
  • Ability to turn off SourceOP with a single CVAR

Post release notes:

Click here for a list of known issues.

First SourceOP Downloader: Issues
First SourceOP Server: (The Black Box Deathmatch)

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