SourceOP is Back Online
Date: Monday, November 06 @ 13:45:42 EST
Topic: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

The SourceOP server is back online! Since the server was taken down in June, I've been awaiting an SDK update so that I could fix the SourceOP DLL. Well a month or two ago, such an SDK update was released, and I have just now got the time to start working on SourceOP again. So last night, I finally got the DLL operational again. I uploaded it to the server and started it back up again. You can now play on the server as you remember it last.

You can expect an updated download link for SourceOP with a few new features sometime in the near future. As of right now, the current download for SourceOP does not work.

Some of the old maps (most of the COOP maps) the server used to use are now causing the server.dll to crash because of the new HL2 DM updates. This seems to be due to NPCs and such. Naquadria is helping to get the coop maps back operational.

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