Get Your Reserved Slot
Date: Saturday, November 24 @ 16:49:40 EST
Topic: Team Fortress 2

It is now possible to get a reserved slot on all three TF2 servers. Once you support the SourceOP servers by donating, you will get a reserved slot. Since is a non-profit organization, the SourceOP servers cannot survive without the support of the community. You can donate by clicking the link below or in the donation box on the right side of the main page.
Click here to go to the donation page.

When is my reserved slot activated?
After you have donated, your reserved slot will be activated once the server changes or reloads the map.

How does it work?
After donating, your name and SteamID is entered into a database. When the server changes or reloads the map, it grabs your name and SteamID from the database. Then, your reserved slot will be activated. If you join while the server is full, the server will kick the player who is performing the worst (determined by number of kills and kpd ratio) to make room.

How do I use my reserved slot?
  1. Start TF2
  2. Enable the console
  3. Open the console by pushing the ~ key.
  4. Connect to the server using the connect command.
    To connect to the valve maps server, type:

    To connect to the instant respawn 2fort server, type:

    To connect to the no mods 2fort server, type:

Why do I have to use the console?
If you try using the Steam server browser to connect and the server is full it will wait until a slot is open before trying to connect. This is why you must type the connect command manually.

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