New TF2 Server
Date: Sunday, March 01 @ 19:54:54 EST
Topic: Team Fortress 2

I've created a new TF2 server: TF2 Pro Rotation [NO CRITS]

The server is a 24 player no crit server that runs both standard and custom maps. I will be getting HLStatsX for it soon.

Also, you don't have to memorize the IP address for each TF2 server when using the console to connect. Each has a name associated with it. TF2 [VALVE MAPS] [NO MODS] TF2 24/7 2fort [INSTANT RESPAWN] TF2 24/7 2fort [NO MODS] [NO BS] TF2 [VALVE MAPS #2] [NO MODS] TF2 24/7 Goldrush [NO MODS] TF2 [ARENA MAPS] [NO MODS] TF2 [CUSTOM MAPS] [NO MODS] TF2 Pro Rotation [NO CRITS]

So, for example, to connect to the Valve maps server using the console, you can type:

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