News Update
Date: Wednesday, July 13 @ 02:24:34 EDT
Topic: Half-Life 2

First I would like to thank server admin Naquadria/BigWorm for coming up with a new logo for the site. His work is most appreciated. I should also mention that most of the features for SourceOP that I want ready before release are completed. They include:
  • Basic admin commands such as kick, ban, slay, slap
  • Credits and stuff to buy
  • Basic entity control (moving, copying, spawning)
  • Experimental very basic grappling hook
  • Map voting
  • New admin tutorial
  • More... including a feature I will discuss further upon release
After the release I plan on adding things such as more entity functions, more things to buy, more voting options, more admin commands, and possibily a radio capable of playing MP3s for the next version. I hope the mod is enjoyable for everyone to use including both server administrators and players.

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