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[edit] Version 0.9.2 Beta

[edit] SourceOP

  • [FIX] e_spawnball crashing Windows servers on HL2 Deathmatch.
  • [FIX] HL2 Deathmatch problems/crashes when firing weapons.

[edit] Version 0.9.1 Beta

[edit] SourceOP

  • Orangebox support!
  • Lua is now a critical component. Many commands and features have been programmed as Lua scripts.
  • Tons new features/commands.

[edit] SourceOP Administration Control Panel

  • Reprogrammed entire thing from scratch in C++ with Qt.
    • As such, many of the old features are missing. Please post on the forums if there is one in particular you would like to see next version.
  • Unicode character support.

[edit] Version 0.9.0 Beta

[edit] SourceOP

  • [ADD] Added admin commands.
    1. admin_giveweaponsself
    2. admin_ctsay
    3. admin_giveweapons
    4. admin_ai
    5. admin_send
  • [ADD] Added snarks.
  • [ADD] Added jetpacks.
  • [ADD] Added jetpackvote.
  • [ADD] Added !jetpack say command for the jetpack bind menu.
  • [ADD] Added radio.
  • [ADD] Added !radio say command for the radio bind menu.
  • [ADD] Added precache and forcedownload files.
  • [ADD] Added most server dll function calls to the new vfunc file.
  • [ADD] Added a map vote menu.
  • [ADD] Added quake sounds.
  • [ADD] Added enabling/disabling of SourceOP's features by the files inside of the addons\SourceOP\features directory.
  • [ADD] Added color messages to server console on certain messages (dedicated server only).
  • [ADD] Added lua support.
  • [ADD] Added physgun (+grabphys, e_physgun_lengthen, e_physgun_shorten).
  • [ADD] Added e_hinge.
  • [ADD] Added e_wheel.
  • [ADD] Added thrusters (e_thruster, e_delthruster, e_delthruster_group, e_delthrusters, +thruster, +rthruster).
  • [ADD] Added spawning props by name (e_spawnprop).
  • [ADD] Added entity modifying commands.
    1. e_fire
    2. e_fire_self
    3. e_addoutput
    4. e_getmass
    5. e_getinertia
    6. e_setmass
    7. e_setinertia
    8. e_push
  • [ADD] Added +copyent2 which copies all entity key/value pairs to attempt to better copy the entity.
  • [ADD] Added player private chat (!pc).
  • [ADD] Added more !help say commands for getting specific help
    1.  !help jetpack
    2.  !help hook
    3.  !help credits
    4.  !help radio
  • [ADD] Added a high-ping kicker.
  • [ADD] Added log messages for all important remote admin events and improved others.
  • [ADD] CVAR DF_remote_logchattoplayers and DF_remote_logchattoadmins to control logging of remote admin chat that is sent to players and remote admin chat that is sent to other admins to the remote admin log file (remoteadminlog.log).
  • [FIX] +rotate works now.

[edit] SourceOP Administration Control Panel

  • [ADD] Added map window that shows where players are. Admins are able to move players, spawn objects, and see death messages on the map window.
  • [ADD] Admins can now see chat that is blocked by SourceOP (appears italicized in chat window).
  • [ADD] Admins can set a player's health.
  • [ADD] Admins can now change a player's team.
  • [ADD] New maps window where admins can change the map.
  • [ADD] New settings window where admins can view and edit server CVARs.
  • [ADD] New file patcher allows admins to get new files (overviews, map previews, and spawn list) from the server.
  • [ADD] Admins can join the game from the Connection menu.
  • [ADD] Admins can logout and return to the initial connection window.
  • [ADD] Admins can start private chats with players.
  • [ADD] Progress bar to settings window.
  • [ADD] Player names in player menu.
  • [ADD] Timestamps to RCON window.
  • [ADD] Ability to control color of RCON window, timestamps, and ability to suppress all output.
  • [ADD] Ability to sort players window.
  • [ADD] Team colors and team icon options to the players window.
  • [ADD] Ability to edit player database entries.
  • [ADD] Show in player database menu option when clicking on a player.
  • [ADD] Camera icon on map and player window for spectators.
  • [ADD] Auto reconnect. This is enabled/disabled in the connection menu.
  • [CHANGE] Ping (inside status window) shows both average and current ping.
  • [CHANGE] Connection window now has an editable drop down list of servers.
  • [CHANGE] Only player names are colored in chat window.
  • [CHANGE] RCON window now shows commands that you enter and shows the server output.
  • [CHANGE] Player names in player database window have correct character encoding when displayed in the textbox.
  • [CHANGE] Version number in the connected admins window now only shows the version number (no "Version " prefix).
  • [CHANGE] Clicking a player in player window now shows their unicode name in the menu instead of the UTF8 encoding.
  • [CHANGE] Toolbar style is now flat.
  • [CHANGE] Toolbar buttons no longer dissapear if an admin doesn't have permission to a particular button, but instead they become disabled.

[edit] Version 0.8.0 Beta

  • Initial release.
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