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SourceOP Administration Control Panel Help

SourceOP Administration Control Panel   Setting Up Users To use the SourceOP administration control panel the server must have SourceOP installed and have a user set up for you to use. The admin must have a list of users in the addonsSourceOPusers folder named list.txt (a text do*****ent named list). Then for each remote admin a text file must be created with the name of the remote admin's name. In the individual admin file is the admin's password and permissions. The first line must be the admin's password. Then the permissions follow. There is an example on how to this in the addonsSourceOPusersexample folder.   Logging In To login, start the SourceOP Administration Control Panel program and enter the server IP you wish to connect to. The default port for the SourceOP remote is port 2035. At this time, it can't be changed on the server, so there should be no need to use anything other than 2035. Below the IP is a spot to enter a username and password. These are set up on the server end. Enter the correct login in formation and click Login. You may also choose to save your login information or login silently before logging in. Once logged in, you can open up windows using the toolbar buttons at the top of the main screen. Only buttons that you are allowed access to will show up. The Players window is used to view currently connected players and perform actions on them such as kick by clicking their name in the list. The Player DB window brings up the credit database information and allows searching it as well. The Admins window shows currently connected admins and allows you to view their info. The Edit Admins window currently only allows you to view admin information. Editing will be implemented in a later version. The Chat window allows you to view all player chat and chat with them as well. The Admin Chat window is used for chatting with admins also connected remotely. The Rcon window allows you to view the log file and send rcon commands.

Copyright © by SourceOP - A Half-Life 2 Plugin All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2005-08-11 (6405 reads)

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