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This is the file that SourceOP uses to determine the permissions for users. It accepts users either by their name, SteamID, or IP.

To denote the start of a user, place a line containing the type of user being defined, a colon (:), and the user identifier all surrounded in quotes. The three types of users are Name, SteamID, and IP.

For example, to add a SourceOP admin by SteamID, you would have a line containing the following:

Next, the data about the user or admin is to be placed between lines containing solely curly braces ({ and }). The available parameters you can set for a user are as follows:

  • baseLevel - Sets the admin level of the user. Default is 0. The level determines what commands a user has access to. See the [Admin Commands|admin command listing] for more information.
  • password - Sets the password a particular user must use in order for the specified settings to apply. If no password is given, the user will not be required to login for the settings to apply.
  • denyCmd - Denies a user access to a regular player command. As of now, this only applies to hook, jetpack, say, and say_team.
  • addAdminCmd - Adds access to an admin command when given the command's DF_Admins_users_name
  • denyAdminCmd - Denies access to an admin command when given the command's DF_Admins_users_name

[edit] Examples

This example adds an admin who has a SteamID of STEAM_0:1:1234. The admin is allowed access to command levels 1+2+4+8+16+32+64 (= 127). However, the admin is not allowed to use admin_pass. Additionally, he or she is allowed to use admin_noclip and admin_rcon. The admin must login with password "exampleuser" before any of this takes effect.

	baseLevel = 127
	denyAdminCmd = pass
	addAdminCmd = noclip
	addAdminCmd = rcon
	password = exampleuser
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