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[edit] Step by Step

First, press the escape key to get to the main menu.

Next, click on Image:ConsoleEnableOptionsText.gif. You should now see a window that looks similar to this:

Next, click on the tab that says Image:ConsoleEnableKeyboardText.gif. The options window should now look like this:

Now, click on the Image:ConsoleEnableAdvancedButton.gif button. You should now see a window that looks like this:

Now check the Image:ConsoleEnableCheckBox.gif box. And then press Image:ConsoleEnableOKButton.gif on both windows.

Congratulations, console is now enabled. You can press the ~ key to use it.

[edit] Summary

Go to the main menu. Then, click options. Click the keyboard tab. Click the advanced button. Check the box that says "Enable developer console". Press OK on both windows. Console is now enabled and you can use the ~ key to use it.

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