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[edit] Lua in SourceOP 0.9

The Lua support in SourceOP 0.9 is very limited and disabled by default. There is not much that you can do. Added Lua support will be included in future versions of SourceOP.

The following information about Lua applies to future versions of SourceOP and is not active in the current release version.

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[edit] About Lua

Lua is a powerful, fast, light-weight, embeddable scripting language. Because it is robust, simple, fast, portable, and free, Lua has been embedded into many applications and games including World of Warcraft and Garry's Mod.

SourceOP uses the Lua scripting language to allow developers the ability to modify, add, or remove features.

You can find more information about Lua by visiting the official website as well as its article on Wikipedia.

[edit] Lua Reference

Lua Tutorials Lua Tutorials
Lua tutorials for beginners
Lua Sample Code Lua Sample Code
Useful and common pieces of code
Lua Hooks Lua Hooks
Events that are hookable with hook.Add
Lua Library Functions Lua Library Functions
A listing of all library and class functions
Lua Global Functions Lua Global Functions
A listing of all global functions
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